They always thinking only about their betterment. It kinda blew my mind when I read this http: A few have been nominated so far, from memory: The group, in the song, professes its love for such bodies; hence some ladies displayed their heavy buttocks for the cameras. There is a part that is crazy. How Busta Rhymes videos where animated and energetic.

5five gargantuan body video

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Leave a Reply Cancel reply. So somebody wakes up and says: These are all quality. One reason I didn’t like Tiwa’s album too much is I felt it has too many sticky sweet old school tracks, but when they’re as irresistible as this one, who can complain? I believe this video and the song as well gives people heavily endowed a sense gargantuam pride different from the norm where fat people are teased and called names or even sidelined when there is talk of beauty; especially when we are always talking about adult education, arts and culture and stigmatization.

Both feature Bisa on vocals and I guess Ghanaians know the songs also from the movie, “Azonto Ghost”. Stoneboy – Survival This excuse we find laughable considering the kinds of movies that we watch and the language of people on live TV.


Some more brand new azonto to 5fivw out. Case in point, this new Sarkodie one ‘Pizza and burger’ is fantastic until Jayso comes in though its not just the accent but the lyrics are well cringey too.

The Samini is good and the 5five is awesome, very excited for that comp. Some singles and albums end up in itunes too. Really really wish Mafikizolo’s music was anywhere near as wonderful to me as the videos’ design, costumes, etc are.

5five gargantuan body video

Was hoping Tim F. They are just saying the girl has a big body let me take her measurements.

And thats also very funny. The problem usually comes with rapping in an american accent, almost always embarrassing, and rarely happens on the azonto stuff.

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5Five – Gargantuan Body (Official Music Video) –

This interview with Ball J is worth a listen http: I love how Wizkid is starting to try out new styles. Joe B- Kiss ya girl Don’t call garagntuan a comeback! Benny, your Ball J mix 2 is excellent btw. Interesting set of articles about the recording of the ‘Roots of Azonto’ soundbank.

5five wonp3 alkayida dance music video

Following up a single like that must have proved impossible, but this has got Olivia of ‘Candy Shop’ fame and apparently 50 cent is involved somehow according to this article http: And I think M3nsa sent him a beat. You must be logged in to post.


5five gargantuan body video

That is how this video came about: Guru meets up with Ball J again and gets caught in a fat “Pooley” groove. Nowadays you see videos people say girls have big garganntuan.

On what moral grounds is 5Five ‘Gargantuan Body’ video off TV?

As breastcrawl noted back in February, this chart is flawed, but it does include lots of Nigerian, South African, and Gahanian stuff that may be of interest. Nothing Afrobeats about that one though, so not really for this thread. Music March 15, And its sad, this is a far off, out of the city, in the back of a town, somewhere far out and its full of plastic waste.

Def gonna be checking this thread through the coming year: Here’s a list of tracks that were in heavy rotation in parties and everywhere.