Ali from University of Waterloo. One of the simplest remote access and support applications I’ve ever used. Cons In a perfect world, the Free Version would allow more usage hours. The software is portable so my student can delete the software after using it. Ammyy Admin Remote computer access without complications.

aeroadmin 4.0

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The matter of credentials that are required in order to access some workstations may arise, but there are solutions that can make the whole process much more simple and AeroAdmin is one such application. It is working fine on my mobiles slow 3G connection and helps me to solve any problem over the internet on the aeroadin.

Aeroadmin Software – Reviews, Pricing & Demo

I’ve been using it for a year or so and it’s really simple and extremely straight to the point. Cons The main think I wish it had was a chat option, that can make things so much easier.

Cons My avast antivirus sees this application as a threat which is really annoying aeroadmon searches for threats every time I start. Cons The image quality is not the best.

Significant improvements in performance. Using AeroAdmin truly is simple with its easy-to-navigate GUI that will feel comfortable in the hands of any level user. Pros AeroAdmin has one of the easiest to use interfaces I’ve ever come across. I can record and take a screenshot of my remote session which is really handy. TeamViewer Arroadmin, fast and secure desktop sharing for free.


aeroadmin 4.0

After downloading and running AeroAdmin, you will be able to work with remote computers in just a few clicks. The competitor’s software was as much per month as AeroAdmin is for an entire year! Scott from Mid-Shore IT. Download AeroAdmin identity elements: What’s more, the GUI is really easy to understand and use, so even less experienced users should have no problems in operating AeroAdmin.

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My avast antivirus sees this application as a threat which is really annoying and searches for threats every time I start. The free version works great, but only allows hours per month usage. Do you use this product? Enhanced connection control system. I will keep you posted.

AeroAdmin is one of a broad number of free remote aeroadmi clients available, though it appears less limited than competitor software. The client has full control over what another person can control which is a big deal.

AeroAdmin – Download

Aeroadmin is an on-premise remote support platform. Ratings Snapshot 5 stars. It’s portable and does not require any installation which is a great feature for a quick session. Don’t give access to unknown callers! Establish remote desktop connections for spontaneous support, remote files or software access.


Just start and get connected. Sonata Software likely to achieve secondary gains from Thomas Cook’s fall. TeamViewer 8 The most recent beta test of TeamViewer. A Free Remote Desktop Client AeroAdmin is an entirely portable remote desktop support client that can be stored on a portable drive. Leave a comment Your email will not be published. The image quality when aeroafmin the remote desktop can also be no more than acceptable, but overall the application does its job quite well. One of the simplest remote access and support applications I’ve ever used By switching to AeroAdmin I saved my company hundreds of dollars per 40 AND added new features like instant push button support SOS to my offerings.

aeroadmin 4.0

I highly recommended this.