The lead up is given a deliberate slowing down which in “live” performance was a piece of concert hall theatre worthy of Furtwangler and then in the recording the player impinges into our aural imagination from a huge distance. Home News Contacts Copyright. After listening a number of times to the version by Benjamin Zander Telarc 3SACD I made the “mistake” of listening again to the recording by Hermann Scherchen and also the unreleased one by Berthold Goldschmidt already mentioned, both from Go back to Kubelik for the right balance of “heart on sleeve” and cerebral repose and you will see what I mean. It also allows him to mark a real spiritual aspect in the episode of the march in the way it approaches from a distance before bursting on us and coming to a climax that is, like the opening, raw and rugged. But take that away and it would not have been a Barbirolli performance at all. The introductory section of the first movement is gutsy and elemental, not at all a comfortable start.

barbirolli mahler 3

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Mahler Symphony No 3

Not just a question of the fact that barbjrolli is digital but also because the balance engineers have done their jobs properly. The instrumental contributions to the second movement maintain the quality of the first. Then when raw nature rears up at the effect is even more big-boned, sexy and dramatic than it might have been. It also allows him to mark a real spiritual aspect in the episode of the march in the way it approaches from a distance before bursting on us and coming to a climax that is, like the opening, raw and rugged.

There is one bad edit after the second posthorn barbirloli two sessions seem to have been spliced together with two different tempi to match, but try not to let that bother you. Notice especially the middle of movement climax, just prior to where the horns come back and blast to the four corners, how the woodwind choir lets out a great sustained high shriek that ushers in the mhaler with a climax to take your head off.


True, there are more who will go along with my estimation of the Horenstein recording, but even I have to admit I manler quite a lonely furrow where the Barbirolli recording is concerned.

Testament have given an official release to a “live” Berlin Philharmonic recording of the Third conducted by Barbirolli from Clarity is also the keynote in the fifth movement where the boys are a joy — sharp and cheeky in the way they burst in on the silence. Then in the third the opening woodwinds of the CBSO show great character and a more cultured and refined delivery.

I must say that on this evidence the Philharmonia of knew their Mahler more intimately than their counterparts of This is all a pity because the Vienna Philharmonic is magnificent and the same applies to the sound recording. But that is not mwhler effect Gielen is aiming for overall and we must accept that or ignore his recording completely.

barbirolli mahler 3

Barbirolli is expansive and majestic mwhler the First Movement which lasts an almost staggering 36 minutes. The close of the movement sees the performance emerge on the side of the angels but not before Horenstein delivers the most barbifolli account of the closing pages themselves.

The frenzy of the coda, starting at Figure 74, where the orchestra explodes into wild and crazy vistas, is well brought off. The Andante to the Sixth always seems to me a step short of kitsch.

Much the same applies barbirollli Kent Nagano on Teldec. But again the previous versions I mentioned manage it better because they seem not to care how bold or crude they sound here. All flows from within, just as it should, and the attention is held from first bar to last and an ultimate triumph that is natural and solid.

The intervening years since have been very good to this symphony and whilst I still think Sinopoli and Lopez-Cobos in particular still deserve their leading places there are now other newer recordings that are as fine and, in three cases, even finer.

Mahler: Symphony No. 3

The rollicking brass should bring a smile to your face if you have ever heard more sober views. There’s a hint of the Promenade at Blackpool: Just to prove he barborolli capable of the light touch the second movement is warm and beautifully pointed with a carefree air.


The third movement fares better with more of what has been missing in warmth and involvement, though there is still an impression of the metrical. Listen to the barbirollu together of mahlet the threads for the central storms section, for an example. In all the first movement certainly holds the attention across its immense span because Abbado has the belief written through his interpretation that you cannot and should not try to contain this music. But I did have a go and I see no reason to strike any of those that I included out as they are fine achievements and still worth consideration.

barbirolli mahler 3

Cases in point are the great trombone solos. Something more disembodied is called for here. He seemed more concerned with the beauty of sound that can be drawn from this moment rather than its earthy, elemental ugliness. Remember that until this was mabler only recording of the Third available so it helped form the impression of this work for a generation of Mahlerites giving it a firm place in the history of Mqhler recordings.

The March sections are superbly done, prepared for with some tension and delivered with vigour and the close has all the architectural security of Horenstein and the colour and blaze of Barbirolli. As so often we are comparing the excellent with the outstanding and the outstanding with the immortal. It goes some way to addressing the problem of recorded balance in that there is a degree more space and atmosphere and also more separation across the mahlee arc.

When the posthorn solo arrives, the delicacy already noticed carries us barbkrolli a dream landscape, enhanced by one of the best accounts of the solo on record John Wallace?