Attached please find additional data, as announced in our ShipServ inquiry. Find attached the purchase order copy. Cisco Web Security Appliances help secure and control web and email traffic by offering layers of malware protection. Would you please confirm from the intermediary bank or check if the account details is correct. Please check the attached “Check Your Package” to confirm accordingly if your address is correct, before we submit to our outlet officer for dispatch to your destination.

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Due to an increase in our company growth and demand from our customers, we’are looking to expand our chain of network and make new connections with producers, suppliers and agents worldwide. Attached please find additional data, as serasq in our ShipServ inquiry. Please issue your Commercial Invoice same as what I did in the P.

Kindly check it in order to learn more about our firm and the type of service we are requesting from you. Please view our preferred specification in mail attachment and reply us confirming payment terms and estimated delivery time.

Good day, Please find attached invoice for the past months.

Waiting for your reply, Regards. A standalone copy or paraphrase of the text of this document that omits the distribution URL is an uncontrolled copy and may lack important information or contain factual errors. Kent u KPN Compleet al? You are advised to read all the instruction before submitting your quotation.


In nessuna circostanza ti verranno richiesti dati personali o sensibili come password o numero di carta di credito. Good day, On behalf of my colleague we will like to confirm if the attached invoices are paid or not before we can forward to our account department for payment. Payment notice – Advice Ref: Attached, we send you our quote.

Sayeed, We thank you very much for your enquiry. Servizio Clienti Vodafone La fattura in formato elettronico acquista validit??

Product Support

Dear Sir Have a Nice Day. Dear Sir, Below is for your information cerhificado action as required. Good day Hope this mail find you well, Can you provide us with more information regarding the product samples in attached file?

Kindly check our attached sample product for your reference.

Product Support

Get back to us with your confirmation and your proforma invoice for payment arrangement. Vodafone Recapito Elettronico Fattura Gentile cert securegroup. Dear Marta, Please add below to the proforma and do advise about our below request IP Hello, You searsa have one or more past due invoice s.


Dear Sir, Good day! Madame, Monsieur, info profinit.

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Serasz are looking forward to receiving your quotation. De specificaties van de factuur vindt u in de bijlage. The following text is a sample of the email message that is associated with this threat outbreak:. Overzicht van al uw facturen in MijnKPN Wilt u een overzicht van al uw facturen of uw persoonlijke instellingen bekijken?

This is for Customs purposes because if you will show the discount deducted from the total later, they will base the computation of taxes from the total before the discount. The original documents with chop and signature have been couriered to you via SF.

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Kindly take note that I already deducted the discount you gave us from the unit price of the 1 ton machine. FYI Waiting for your kind response. Veelgestelde vragen Hebt u nog vragen over uw factuur en de betaling ervan, kijk dan op kpn.