No Patches IOS20 rev The slot is merely a number that tells the system where to load the IOS from. Do you already have an account? Your name or email address: Instead of making a new thread, I’ll ask what I remember here:

cios249 56 d2x-v6

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No Patches IOS55 rev I think that’s all my questions at the moment.

cIOS Installation – Complete Softmod Guide

Read the text on the d2x-b6 screen if it interests you and press A to continue. No Patches IOS33 rev The slot you just selected should be blinking. P1 – Areas, Zones and Backgrounds.

Found 52 IOS on this console. Return of the Jodi. No Patches IOS38 rev They should work for the majority of cases. Optionally, if you wish to verify that the downloaded WADs are correct, use a checksum d2x-c6 like fciv to verify:.


Result 2 cIOSs will be installed, which can be used by backup loaders and some other apps as well. They are more than I thought lol. Last edited by CyanFeb 12, United States 49 Boot2 v2 Found titles.

cios249 56 d2x-v6

I don’t think it’s needed now, it works only on Wii not vWii and it could be dangerous. Last edited by sideskrollFeb 12, Stub IOS9 rev When an update needs to be done to an IOS, the version number is increased.

cios249 56 d2x-v6

May 9, Doha. I remember it we were advised to stay on system menu 4. No Patches IOS30 rev No Patches IOS14 rev Wait for the app to load.

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No Patches IOS35 rev No Patches IOS57 rev Feb 16, Localhost. Search titles only Posted by Member: Your name or email address: This page may be skipped on the WiiU installer.

cios249 56 d2x-v6

I also think there are several versions of that program. No Patches IOS62 rev You just need an up-to-date Homebrew Channel installed, nothing else.


D2X and cIOS 249 Confusion

There are many different configurations you d2c-v6 make when installing cIOSs. I remember using it as a All in 1 tool, but by the time I stopped bothering with the wii, the latest versions of that program had issues. Any disadvantages from not updating?