Here is the layout of the scene:. Connections Featured in Timeshift: Wikiquote has quotations related to: When Watson arrives, Sherlock is on the hospital roof, some stories up, with a shorter, story brick building between him and Watson. After being knocked to the ground by a cyclist, John stumbles over to watch, grief-stricken, as Sherlock’s bloody body is carried away by hospital staff. Was this review helpful to you?

der reichenbachfall sherlock

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Sherlock, The Reichenbach Fall: What Really Happened?

Wikiquote has quotations related to: By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Jim Moriarty hatches a mad scheme to turn the whole city against Sherlock.

der reichenbachfall sherlock

DI Lestrade Mark Gatiss Browse free movies and TV series. Shortly after the episode aired, memes inspired by the episode emerged online, considering how ordinary people in the Sherlock universe would react to learning that their hero was a fake. Quotes [ first lines ] Ella: With no way to use the fail-safe, Sherlock calls John, who is rushing back from B Baker Street after realising the report about Mrs. It’s the fictional location of the last fight between Holmes and Moriarty.

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In “The Reichenbach Fall” the red letters spell out the word “Believe”. Sherlock is vehement about this. I think we can fairly confidently eliminate option b.


der reichenbachfall sherlock

Molly Hooper Katherine Parkinson Before meeting with Moriarty, Holmes seeks out Molly and tells her that he thinks he will die and that he needs her help. Now a wanted man with his media image on the verge of plummeting, Sherlock launches a final gambit. Moriarty reveals that there is no code, he just bribed security men, and that Sherlock must commit reichenbachtall or Moriarty’s assassins will kill John, Mrs.

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Trivia Katherine Parkinsonwho played journalist Kitty Riley in this episode, did a series of Malteasers adverts with Amanda AbbingtonMartin Freeman ‘s long-term partner. John goes to the Diogenes Club to question Mycroft and learns that Mycroft divulged Sherlock’s personal information during interrogations of Moriarty. Mycroft Reichenbachfal Andrew Scott Retrieved from ” https: There, they find that Moriarty has created a fake identity, Reichenbachffall Brook or Rich Brook, “reicher Bach” in Germanan actor whom Sherlock supposedly paid to pose as a master criminal.

Think on that for a second: Kitty Riley Vinette Robinson The Game Is Now. Season 2 Episode 3. Use the HTML below.

der reichenbachfall sherlock

How wrong I was. He then allows himself to be caught by the police wearing the jewels and sitting on the throne. Archived from the original on Rer title alludes to the Reichenbach Fallsthe location where Holmes and Moriarty supposedly fall to their deaths in the original story.


“Sherlock” The Reichenbach Fall (TV Episode ) – IMDb

Petite chute du Reichenbach 1. The memes included recurring phrases such as “I fight John Watson’s war”, “Moriarty was real” and, most prominently, “I believe in Sherlock Holmes”, amongst others, the latter of which was used in-universe in ” The Empty Hearse “. Sherlock gives evidence at the trial where Moriarty has scared the jury into acquitting him and later dfr Sherlock, camply taunting him with his superior computer skills, seemingly capable of any crime.

After Sherlock jumps, Watson again tries to run around the brick building and this time, is knocked down by someone on a bike. Since all the bystanders could see the truck and Holmes fall into it, they must have been in on it.

Sherlock rescues two children abducted by his enemy, but his brilliantly accurate deductions, leading police to believe he may have been an accomplice in the kidnapping, get him arrested, going on the run with John.