Pressing the OK button in a menu item will hide or show the corresponding line onscreen. Display synchronized waveform when triggered, and blank if not triggering. All three strangenesses seem related in some way, i. Please submit any technical issue into our forum. Measurement options include frequency, cycle time, duty cycle, peak voltage, RMS voltage, average voltage and DC voltage. Note that the BenF firmware v3. Click the image to get to different version of DSO Nano.

dso nano benf firmware

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Apart from the improved charging unit in V2, and a redesigned PCB, the specifications are pretty much the same. And I’ve actually spent as much on my mini-scope purchases as the Gratten costs, so in hindsight I should have just bought the real thing in the first place.

DSO Nano v3 new purchase, issues RESOLVED by BenF f/w

The required utility DfuSeDemo. My first purchase was a Gabotronics Xminilab Portable. Charging takes about 2 hours 20 minutes to reach 4.

This could prevent mistaken triggering caused by noise, especially while measuring fast low-amplitude signals.

When I tried to reposition it upwards with Y Offset, it refused to move more nno a very small distance. But some things about it don’t seem to be as described in videos.


dso nano benf firmware

V” at the bottom center of the screen. Please read the manual carefully to know the detailed info of related ratings before connection. Please refer to Wikipedia for more informaiton on oscilloscope triggering. So firmaare so good, I could see the square wave. Repeatedly sweep waveform onscreen left to right. To avoid any possible dangers, please use this product according to the rules. Waveforms can be saved to an mirco SD card or loaded to the display. Always refresh the display, and synchronize when triggered.

Official firmware, schematics and development documentation. I wanted ffirmware take a closer look, so I tried changing Y scale.

dso nano benf firmware

They can use the same firmware. I found it pretty cool in concept, but the 3 button user interface was so cumbersome you can quickly get lost in all the submenus!

The first one I bought very early model bricked itself somehow, but the 2nd one has been very reliable. The screen is broken into a central display area and 3 operation bars around it. Community firmware source git tree for gcc and IAR.


dso nano benf firmware

I received it just yesterday, gave up on the official manual very quickly: Follow the below steps to set up your microSD card: Maybe this purchase will not be regretted after all.

Press ‘A’ again to resume.

DSO Nano v3

I’ve been hunting for the same file elsewhere but so far no luck. All three strangenesses seem related in some way, i. A significant hardware upgrade including dual channels was introduced with the DSO Quad. Frequency can be adjusted via Fo “frequency out”.

DSO Nano – Seeed Wiki

This page will try to collect the most relevant information in a single place, in order to help newcomers find their way through the wealth of unorganized material already available. Sewa Mobil JakartaAksesoris mobil.

But I really liked the idea of a “micro-scope” so to speak, something I could wear on a Velcro-equipped wrist band, something I could slip into a pocket. But this takes up less than half the screen.