Therefore, his experience as ‘the man next to the musician’ is vey valuable since he is a good and silent witness of what the audience cannot see of a band. This creative boom, however, left a huge impact in the city and later on all over Europe. Many received their influence either in their music, style or ideology. It is not just an outside view of the band, but a continuation of their spirit both in their albums as in their concerts. Once they defined what they did as ‘Pachanga jonda’ 1 against the grief of life. Everything is explained through interviews, archival images of their concerts and their recordings, their participation in other musicians’ albums and their influence in bands who appeared later on.

dusminguet postrof

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Besides, he is still in good terms and friend with all of them. Many received their influence either in their music, style or ideology.

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Artistic proposal We pretend to approach the audience not only to the history of the band, but also to their visual world, their thinking and philosophy. Messidor Rodriguez has directed and produced shortfilms and videoclips. In a second period: Loading recommendations for you.

Now we are just asking you to collaborate taking patron of the project and in return will thank you with a series of rewards To do so we will use images of tours and home-made recordings, archival sound recordings and cartoons to show their trips. They deal with different aspects of music and stage art, therefore there are three different standpoints to have a wider perspective and a complete view.


I thought he could be a good member of the project, since he was very fond of cinema and could bring a different point of view as well as his experience and contacts. As a great contemporary philosopher told us; ” it’s sad to ask, but saddest it can be to forget”.

dusminguet postrof

X All or nothing. See all formats and editions Hide other formats and editions Amazon Price. As soon as I told him about the project he accepted and very quickly we started to write the first version of the script.

Please try again later. However, should this amount exceed what is being asked for in the crowfunding, then it will pay for the people working in the documentary.

Postrof by Dusminguet

Blog 13 Funders Line 0 Comments 3. That’s why we want to dive in it, to show what the experience meant to the different members of the band.

dusminguet postrof

In September that year a 12 hour long concert in his honour was organized. It can be dusminguer in their first concert against Bosnia’s War or the one at the occupied Princesa cinema as well as their attempts at recovering popular venues such as dancing halls, theatres, cultural associations With this idea they could satisfy a big range of audience disregarding their likes and ages.

Dusminguet le da un poco de nuevo -y refrescante- aire a las acostumbradas mezclas de estilos latinos post-Mano Negra. I had the idea of filming a documentary about Dusminguet in my youth. With this idea a team of three professionals have got together.


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Dusminguet Postrof

It gave them dusjinguet, new experiences, new friends We don’t know when or if this item will be back in stock. We pretend to approach the audience not only to the history of the band, but also to their visual world, their thinking and philosophy.

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The main theme line is Dusminguet’s history and their impact in the catalan music world. I was then studying film direction and production and the idea of the project came to me. We also take the opportunity to picture a time and a moment in dusminguer each of us can feel identified or rescue some hedonistic instant of his life. Luckily, Miguel Cipres and I met again in the filming of a videoclip. For what they meant and still mean, Dusminguet deserves a documentary to show their personal and music world dusminguef to reflect that period of time.

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