The recent version of Fotowall supports text and Internet content integration. System Tags app software. Cannot find file ‘es. Check out a full list of the changes here. Heart Oct 08 Cannot find file ‘fr.

fotowall 0.9

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Gilde Jun 22 For some reason, I cannot load ‘es.

fotowall 0.9

You can use it 0.9 arrange your photos, add text and live videos from your webcam as well as pictures from the Internet. Have a nice day Dieter.

Thanks again, and keep up the good work! Does anybody know what the name of the kubuntu package for these Qt translation tools or where I can get if its not in the usual repositories? Better use older qt for more compatibility: We ruined my sister weekend too!

Linux Distributions

Add Rating 10 the best 9 excellent 8 great 7 good 6 okay 5 average 4 soso 3 bad 2 really bad 1 ugh. Do you really want to report this comment? Downloaded and installed qt 4. Can you fix the point in the source tarball?


Fotowall – Download

Thanks to Alessandro Portale and to the good framework Qt4, by QtSoftware we’re using, it was possible to merge the 2 stunning Fotowall and Gotowall opensource projects into 1 useful program! Keep up the good work and enjoy the pizzas Dieter. QGrab – Graphic Apps last update date: The login page will open in a new tab.

Cannot find file ‘pl. MartinKN 10 years ago Hi Its just that i would really like to try this application, but i see that like me, but not everybody has access to bleeding edge packages or has the guts to install these considering that if qt 4. This review of Fotowall 0.

After Several Years, Fotowall Has a New Release

There were many people asking for removing the “. I’ll ship the qm files next times. MartinKN Mar 25 Cannot open file ‘-silent’: Grobelard Mar 13 System Tags app software.

fotowall 0.9

Footwall Apr 17 Try with a “make ts” followed by “make qm” and see if it works. With Fotowall you can create wallpapers, collage, covers, postcards and original pictures.


I can’t see the reason, weird lrelease problem.

fotowall 0.9

Cannot find file ‘en. Please log in again. Tried installing it on Debian 9 but no go. OChartView – Graphic Apps last update date: Graphic 0. Source link to git-repo or to original if based on someone elses unmodified work: Good done, opensource ;- Many thanks to all the people that contribute to FotoWall, expecially to Tanguy Arnaud and Alessandro Portale.