Appreciate the translation, I would have thought you would be against the sale of these songs and would say so. And he’s going to make the whole community of St. Water is sprinkled on the rocks, instantly turning into steam. Home Help Search Login Register. The next eight tracks are the songs played without commentary. If you feel there are mistakes or if you have improvements, please do submit them to us for consideration. Wocekiye Olowan – Lakota Prayer Songs.

inipi olowan

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While listening to this CD, we felt we were having a personal lesson with David. An interesting clip sent to me Water is sprinkled on the rocks, instantly turning into steam. Includes a booklet with the Lakota words and English meanings for the songs.

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A very good CD that helps you understand the Lakota way of seeing things. Inipi sweat lodge is an ancient ceremony used for purification and healing. Songs are sung and ihipi are made to the Creator.

The “purchase” links will take you to the appropriate page where you can listen to audio samples and complete your selection. They’re sung in Lakota and David explains them in English.

Translations to other languages are below. I for one feel that we should have put a stop to anyone who does these thingsmany of our medcine men or individuals go abroad and sell our ceremoniesyet we dont ask the native communities to end such disrespect for the sale of our sacred ceremonies. Please llowan support at newagefraud dot org. Please note that that these translations inipu been contributed by various individuals and there may be other ways to convey meanings.


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He’s going to make all of them pay by selling everyone out. Note that there are introductions to the songs in English. Wicasa wakan means “holy man” or as some would say, “medicine man”. Albert has longed for any kind of prominence since he was kid.

inipi olowan

The NDN translation of Inipi doesnt mean sweatlodge. You could sing these songs If you sing from the heart, then Tunkasila will hear you and will help you. Additionally, if you are capable of providing translations to languages not listed here, we would be pleased to add them.

Because this material, the traditional sacred songs, are in the public domain, neither Albert nor David have to share any royalties to any original creative artist. Home Help Search Login Register. On this recording, he sings songs from rounds 1 through 4 of olowann Inipi ceremony with Nyla Helper. They both shrewdly cashed in on their own lack of personal integrity and creativity by plundering the traditionally sacred songs of the Lakota.

Please login or register. Albert White Hat is married to a non-native and appears, from an early age on, determined to compensate for a perceived lack of recognition that he seems to believe that he deserves.


The first eight tracks are the songs with David’s explanations.

inipi olowan

We are pleased to present the following Lakota ceremonial recordings by David Swallow, Jr. John Around Him, from Pine Ridge, sang the songs for that particular recording. Some folks think it is bad medicine to sell sacred songs and I think that way too. What appears to have been the catalyst for natives cashing in on and selling out the spiritual value of the Lakota culture in particular was the marketing of a cassette recording, with a color loowan, of Lakota Ceremonial Songs by Albert White Hat and Sinte Gleska college.

On this recording he presents a series of prayer songs that can be used by anyone. Francis, and the whole Lakota tribe, pay for this lack of respect that the community and tribe has had for him and his family. It means “to strengthen the WILL in a sacred way”.