Everything turns out right. If you had a booking for 1: The ghost of marlene in a low champagne fog. Around the world Berlin has always been synonymous with decadent nights, political intrigue, military tensions, sexual permissiveness and strange walks of life. As the road rolls away on the run.

katsimixas discography

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The gig was on the same day that Werder Bremen beat Bayer Leverkusen and won the championship just two games before the season was going to end.

katsimixas discography

Once again Maria Dimitriadi performed all the songs on the later riscography. November 02, – They won’t leave together that’s a form of enslavement. And the look out on the canal where the garbage is floating. She’s the Sweetheart of Iwo Jima.

katsimixas discography

Their words are but whispers their hearts start to swell. Busking in Munich Dec. Romantic Evening Sex All Themes. The composer himself sang two of the songs while the rest were performed by Maria Dimitriadi. It’s much too late and you must be going.


It seems so long ago and over the rainbow. Along the way his parents introduced him to the music of Frank Sinatra, Errol Garner, Eartha Kitt, and other jazz greats. A figurine is yawning, the lifeboat is full of holes.

Thanos Mikroutsikos | Biography & History | AllMusic

He had also crossed the Atlantic Ocean once and the Pacific Ocean twice on troop ships. February 28, – In the summer of eighteen year old John Vaughan found himself in London, England. A Hawaiian shirt, a greaser haircut and a shoulder holster. The steps to the stairs take you down to the station.


There’s enough here for everyone. Second high school band, “A Beautiful Day”, summer The album featured hits like the title track and “To Mhden. The musicians on “Somewhere In Europe” are. You’d like to get home to your wife and your life.

Thanos Mikroutsikos

Under these breezy conditions. Jazz Latin New Age.

Ahmed sells kebabs he’s got a job at the grill stand. Together with the English singer Chris Parsons. With a badly forged passport.


katsimixas discography

August 30, – He is the Maistro, the organizer, tour manager, webmaster, the unofficial King of Crete, wizard and Chief!! Es wurde ein Klassiker. He’s got a tattoo of a dragon. A disocgraphy in a small village, somewhere on the west coast of Ireland. We’ll both be there together when the shadows all fly away. August 20, – starting at