The scientists had a group of 30 men dance to a drum beat and recorded their shape-throwing with sophisticated cameras. Artists Of The Month. This site uses cookies so that we can provide you with the best user experience: Up Next Amirali — Melancholia. Uncategorized O-Starz Is Everywhere And the crazy thing is…. Published 6 years ago on March 31,

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As everyone knows, dancing ability is one of the most important ways of attracting a mate — but which dance moves are the most likely to catch the eye of the female of the species? With a brand new EP fresh off the press https: This blog is to provide you with daily music news and share cardiocleptommania personal style. Up Next Amirali — Melancholia.

An ambitious project and the result of two years of hard work and dedication.

LOGO – Cardiocleptomania [Video]

Artists Of The Month. Published 6 years ago on March 31, This site uses cookies so that we can provide you with the best user experience: Published 5 years ago on April 2, Log O-Starz Is Everywhere Finally, science has found a worthwhile use for evolutionary biology.


logo cardiocleptomania

Does the Melbourne Shuffle lead to bedroom scuffles? Peggy Gou — Starry Night.

The homophony texture was also essential on this track. He has dare to challenge the music industry with something very original and extremely passive.

logo cardiocleptomania

Electronica 4 months ago. Thank You for Subscription!

LOGO – Cardiocleptomania [Video]

Electro-Pop 3 months ago. Constantly booked and in overdrive, O-Starz is coming closer and closer to cqrdiocleptomania in the driver seat of his dreams.

Dance 3 months ago. With several different artists featured on the album, each song has its own unique style and vision. Jamez Manuel — Tra.

Each track was crafted to truly have its individual concept and feel.

LOGO – “Cardiocleptomania” by Kitsuné Musique | Free Listening on SoundCloud

Published 6 years ago on March 29, Disco 3 months ago. Dance 4 months ago. When we were piecing the project together, I chose some of the finest talent around the world to work with. When you think about it, more original and eccentric styles really died when the independents and hard copy industries took the hits they did and switched to digital-only, with the over saturation of artists on the market, being original is a hard commodity to find these days.


What A Bombastic Musical Explosion! They then animated each dancer as a gender-neutral avatar and played the dancing avatars to women, who rated the dancers.

Purcell could be the first musician on Earth to set a new trend. Hi, my name is Erick Ycaza. With a vision to merge underground Hip Hop flavors with Dubstep and Trap, Prolific makes a unique and powerful statement. In the anarchy of what remains, I try to bring anthems and concepts that contain the authenticity that used to come standard with any artist who was on a stage touring or making music that was sold and appreciated in the hard copy era. And the crazy thing is…. His business-savvy work ethic and hard-working team JellyfishPR.