Thanks for telling us about the problem. So if you like the occasional trashy romance, go ahead and give it a try. We hope you’ll come join us and become a manga reader in this community! Try out our new iPhone application! It’s nothing spectacular, but it’s also not terrible. A lot of series use this kind of gimmicky and focus on an art, sport, or craft, and it can be made to work, but not when it gets so little time to unfold and suddenly takes over from straughtforward drama.

manga lovenista

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SFX are a distraction, even as notes. Personally, I really did enjoy it.

manga lovenista

Boys’n Girl – High-school Bomber! I didn’t like the art too much, because it felt a little awkward, forced and lifeless. I know there is a lot of hoo-har about the plagerism case surrounding this mangaka, but please, don’t let that sway your opinion; that has nothing to do with this story.


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Lovenista Vol.2 Chapter 5 –

You must be logged in to update information on this page. It’s nothing spectacular, but it’s also not terrible. Did I miss something? It is the typical shoujo manga with happy ending and cute romance, except that there is a lot of sexual tension and the characters are fun. Kareshi Kanojo no Jijou.

Manga – Read online free Lovenista, ラブニスタ, Love Nista, Girls Love Bible

Read some manga today! Try out our new iPhone application! Kayono already has views. But this Hiromichi, i think he’s good.

A good piece of fluff, anyway. Somehow the ending didn’t really resound with me You can experience it by using your smartphone and read manga online right now. Published by Shogakukan first published Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

She doesn’t have a home to go back to and had just been kicked out of her ex-boyfriend’s house, so she moves in because she has nowhere else to go. The Bookmark button is a very simple way to get notifications when your favorite manga have new updates. They should be typeset and redrawn all the time, regardless of how it might affect release pace.


Sooo much better than the other clichef mangas.

Lovenista: Vol.2 Chapter 5

The Adult Us View: I, sometimes, can’t stand her way of drawing bishie. Oct 27, Cristina R. Other books in the series.

manga lovenista

Have a beautiful day! Just couldn’t get it out of my head.

Lovenista: Vol.1 Chapter 4

Boku ni Natta Watashi. Scanlators should ignore them altogether. But some of the reviews here are exaggerating the situation. I think thats a new concept nd pretty cool if a guyy cud do that. The male and female leads don’t actually have sex through most of the story.