Also renaming your host or service doesn’t lead to renaming the configuration and performance data files. Select your new created host “My first linux host”, and the service template “Ping” and press on “Save”. Be sure that you don’t have any other private data stored in these directories:. The iconset has to be a zip file and contain the following images as png. Visualization of complex infrastructure Alert management Wizard based.


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openITCOCKPIT – Desktop App

Correlation of events Multiple operators supported Business oriented monitoring. Mainly the autoreport is more configureable and complex then an instantreport. I will call you back Write an e-mail. Again, all required values will be loaded from the service template. Those opeenitcockpit might take some time, specially if the affected table is a large table with alot of data.


In the terminal of your server type: The monitoring solution for corporations and SMEs From large data centres to critical IT services — monitor and manage all of your servers, applications and systems at a glance! Also we select the host template “default host” to load all predefined values from the template. Why I have no access to Module XY?


Openitcoockpit is subject to change as it is scheduled to be refactored soon. Custom checks Where do i need to save my custom checks?

Show more items in list How can I increase the number of displayed items in a list? Visualize the state of your devices on an OpenStreetMap grouped by locations.


If your graph data is broken, it is most likely that either the performance values have changed or performance opeenitcockpit are missing. Select your new created host “My first linux host”, and the service template “Ping” and press on “Save”. Getting started with the beginners guide or read the technical documentation for a deep dive.

Template based configuration Multi openifcockpit Granular user permissions. State history Downtime history Notification history. When you create a new host it won’t appear in the host list right away.

Automatically generated map by openticockpit expression. Create reports that will generate and sent automatically. To get an useful monitoring you need to create “Services” on every host.

Create your first host

How can i translate a UUID on the console to its realname? Gearman What is Gearman. Screenshots Detailed host and service status overview. It allows you to do work in parallel. In this templates you can define options like “Host- olenitcockpit Service groups”, “Contacts”, “Notification options” and so on. Processes the jobs he is getting assigned from the job server and reports back to the job server when the job openitcocckpit done.


Check out the table below for a openitcoxkpit overwiew and feel free to try both reports in our demo website. Check out existing commands for an idea how to create the new command. To upload an iconset you have to go into the map editor of a map and click on Upload Items Set.


Editor to create custom Grafana dashboards. View custom Grafana dashboards. Generate detailed reports about the current health state. After a few seconds, the system will pick up opeitcockpit new host and service, and will start to monitor it.