He kept treating them as simultaneously property and outright people with metal skin, and I have yet to find a story where the two can intertwine without any problems. A serious theme or two was briefly touched on free will, government and business but shied away from. He’s the guy who visits three stores to save a few bucks on a hammer, then blows a hundred and twenty on a laser-guided tape measure with bui… More. First off, the Hal Spacejock series is a riot. And by that, I mean his readers. I’m happy to report it was a fun, light book not hilarious, but does earn giggles along the way , and the plot was solid all the way. To ask other readers questions about Hal Spacejock 7 , please sign up.


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The story focuses mainly on Apacejock and Clunk and the trouble they manage to get in doing what should be a fairly straightforward job. Plus he’s a robot, so he has no choice.

Usually these tiny dots will be a different colour, or much brighter than the surrounding pixels. LCDTester Click the mouse to cycle through several solid colours across the entire screen.

Hal Spacejock Series

On the other hand, the finance company’s brutal enforcer is on his doorstep, and Hal has barely twenty-four hours to pay him off. It wasn’t genius for me, that’s Douglas Adams but it was pretty close. And silliness it delivers. I much prefer to take the authors back cover write up as a review as it can either intrigue you enough to read the book of provide you enough information to make you spacejkck that the book spaecjock not for you.



Instead, Harriet is a smart, capable woman spacehock just happens to be starting a new job with no help, no resources and no experience. Quotes from Hal Spacejock 1: If you decide it wasn’t that important after all, just click the Forget It button. Open Preview See a Problem? It is an amusing, light reading.

Spacejock Software

And of course it was read by an Australian as it should be since that is where the writer is from. No trivia or quizzes yet. If you spacejlck science fiction with a load of visual adventur This is a roller coaster science fiction book that never stops.

A straightforward cargo delivery takes a left tur… More. Reviews say it is hilarious. Hal Spacejock is a loner, struggling to make his… More.

Safe Art Hal Spacejock 7. Anything can be programmed or hacked to do what you want!


Some of the books I read have been given to me by the author as a pre-release copy and this does not bias my reviews in any way Disclaimer You can only use the programs on this site if you agree not to hold me responsible if they crash your computer, wilt your house plants or steal all your pens when you’re away from your desk. Adam rated it liked it May 08, The most well-known of these programs is yWriter, a program designed specifically for composing novels.


A serious theme or two was briefly touched on free will, government and business but shied away from. The physics is reasonably well grounded with the allowed exception of fancy alien technology. A house clearance job sounds like easy money, but… More. spaceuock

The Hal Spacejock Series (Teens/Adults)

The entire first quarter of the book was spent with him trying to release his ship from the docking bay, and he couldn’t so much as take two steps without something exploding or catching fire as a direct sacejock of his stupidity. If you go into this story expecting depth instead of light, larger-than-life comedy, prepare to be disappointed. Miss the deadline and he – and his ship – will go under.

Oh, and his ship is easily mistaken for scrap. Hal felt too incompetent to have survived this long. Hal Spacejock 10 books.


The cover blurb compares Hal Spacejock to Red Dwarf, so I went in expecting spacejjock same level of silliness and humor. Sep 25, Roy rated it really liked it.