For your convenience, there are primary based sessions all in the same room 8 out of the 11 sessions: Somehow, in his schooling, he missed the technology boat. We need to shift them from consumers of information to being creative critical thinkers and problem solvers. We have to also be in tune and truly listen to what students want and need from their education — it is their future we are creating. He would read any chance he got. Testo Staring at the Sun prod.

staring at the stars oncue

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He would read any chance he got.

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When asked what they learned, both students replied: But I think this is an extremely important concept when we are self-reflecting. We are tasked with serving these important and special humans. Only Thing We Know, or Running, for example.

staring at the stars oncue

Why not start today? What captures your heart?

New Music: OnCue – “Staring at the Stars”

Give them the key ring to unlock their thinking. I had no idea that MySpace would be one of those things for me.

Download full Fralbum from Datpiff. As educators we must remember that every decision we make impacts kids! Be ths of our word choice…for us and our students.


staring at the stars oncue

The positivity and laughter was contagious. As educators, we have great power…we can make or break a child. I believe that we need to know students to grow students. Our hope is that these goals were met during this camp and look forward to the continued connections and learning as we all etars forward. We are all human. Remember that part of living IS the uncomfortable.

On any given day, stara matter what the calendar says.

ILLROOTS | OnCue – Staring At The Stars

His feedback was authentic, specific and timely. Dumbass motherfuckers Abusing power Yes, men around ya All ya hopped off too much powder I’ma go from Matt Lauer to Jack Bower In a half hour Put you in a chokehold Not the bullshit you could tap out of Get louder Boom boom, pap pap, take that coward That’s what happened to people like you History repeats itself and well You know thats true shit You don’t get me? It was actually a meeting that will probably starong down as one of the tsars IRL moments of our generation.

It brought to syars one of my favorite TED Talks: That is pretty in your face, but so true. Listen beyond titles, rank, role, age; because amazing ideas can come from the most unforeseen places. Evo Alotta Smoke prod.


Stara miss my friends and the simple lifestyle in North Carolina. I pose questions, I listen and I try to help reframe, I try to help come to some solutions or brainstorm ideas to counteract their statement. When we believe that and work together, the misery dissipates.

My call to action: What is the power?

staring at the stars oncue

I don’t get you Fuck your blog My mom thinks I’m special Buy a ticket for that train of thought With your so called friends Pretending to respect you Neglect you, trying to annorect you Hand you a noose, and tie it in a pretzel With no one to catch you They kick the fucking chair Well I don’t fucking care?

Here is the funny thing, after the camp, she shared something that I said in my sessions that resonated with her:. He was aat about things that caught his interest and sparked interesting discussions. Cuey has been working like a mad man to make his dream a reality, and testimonials to his hard work run throughout this project.