Thanks to Cameron J, the developer of the “Starrkeisha” character and the producer of this video. Then the boy I like at school This comment is followed by 18 smiley faces and 18 black cats emoticons. Nor does this post include any comments questioning whether Cameron J is gay, or stating that Cameron J is gay. Betty Mcnair, S2 [The year and video source is for all the comments in this sub-thread] “If this is how you act in other videos when fighting I’m sorry honey boo boo just stop fighting I’m very sorry honey boo boo but like just before you get beat up camera cuz you know that you going to get beat up so like you need to just stop before you get beat up because you going to get beat up you know that you going to get beat we all know that. Being approached by overzealous admirers can be a lot for the admitted introvert.

starrkeisha choir part 2

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Starrkeisha Choir Part 2

Trinidy Thornton, S5 “I know his brother he goes to my school” -snip- “His brother” appears to refer to Cameron J’s brother. When he released the video in Marchhe had aboutYouTube subscribers. Here’s a link to a previous pancocojams post that I wrote about children on the internet: These comments testify to how a lot of children think that the fictional characters in these starkeisha are real.

These comments stardkeisha not be in consecutive order. Some comments in the reply sub-threads aren’t included in this compilation. He also enjoys the creative process.


Download The Starrkeisha Choir! (PART 2) | Random Structure TV – MP3

Some of these examples may be placed in more than one category. Fancy meeting you here. Like many YouTube creators and performers, Henderson does a number of skits.

Sharrnita Bonds, S5 “What up Nita. I agree to the terms and privacy policies. Students Loans After Graduation: Thanks also to all those who are quoted in this post.

The Starrkeisha Mass Choir! | Random Structure TV

Visitor comments are welcome. Then the boy I like at school This comment is followed by 18 smiley faces and 18 black cats emoticons.

With regard to the Starrkeisha videos, “facebooking YouTube video comment threads” also means to personalize the content of those discussion threads and interact with or attempt to interact with Starrkeisha as though she is a real person.

Newer Post Older Post Home. This post doesn’t include examples from all of these video discussion thread. Get more in your inbox. We believe that the world shifts according to the way people see it— and if you change the way people view the world, you can transform it.

Check your inbox for your confirmation. InCameron Henderson turned his Starrkeisha character into a cheer squad and blessed the world with the ultimate petty anthem.

The Starrkeisha Choir! (PART 2) @TheKingOfWeird | Youtubin it up | Petty song, Choir, Youtube

Comments about fighting Starrkeisha are found throughout the discussion threads for other Starrkeisha videos up to an including the Starrkeisha Cheer video. Posted by Azizi Powell at 8: Random Guy, S6 “No he isn’t pregnant dumbass.


starrkeisha choir part 2

As is the case with a number of YouTube video discussion threads, the Starrkeisha video discussion threads that I have read contain profanity, the n word, and sexually explicit language. Most of these children are girls. I’ve included some comments in this stargkeisha even though they don’t meet any of the criteria given above.

starrkeisha choir part 2

Part III of this series showcases the Starrkeisha video “Imma Independent” and includes my analysis of writing styles of selected comments that are found in discussion threads of eight Starrkeisha videos.

Still, his fans are a huge motivator, and Henderson sfarrkeisha honored when people say his content has helped them through hard times.

We partner with diverse content creators and influencers to help them reach a wider audience, amplify their message, and fund their hustles. If you are then i can explain? Nico Thomas, May S2 “oh so you starrkdisha beat a girl up so come hit me then i live in Louisiana on Sydney road a blue trailer.

Cameron J denies that the child is his.

starrkeisha choir part 2

Kanayah Porter, March S2 “If you’ll do stop.