There was controversy when Ann Mateo’s mother saw the video and threatened Sinio with a lawsuit. Daddie Joe D vs. Grain Assault 3 April 28, 2,, views Target vs. Daddie Joe D Philippines. Choking in any rounds increase the chance of losing the battle. He is one of the most popular emcees in fliptop ba

zaito vs daddy joe d

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Who’s the man behind fliptop? I think loonie is the best among them all. Submit Information for this Rapper. Skip to main content.

zaito vs daddy joe d

We now have the latest fliptop battles video from Youtube. MastaPlann x Bambu June 6,views Zaito vs.

FlipTop Battle League

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Wall Lords January 23,views Nico vs.

According to this article. Nugget Announced for Broken Resolution 2.

Maly muz a velka zena, aneb, Vlak detstvi a nadeje.epub

Some educators considered FlipTop as 21st century Philippine literature [13] [14] [15] It caught media attention in that some emcees involved in FlipTop have gained commercial success like Abra, [16] Dello, Loonie, Smugglaz, Shehyee, and others. Retrieved from ” https: See sample Tagalog flip top lines written dadfy taken from the battles won and lost by popular buffs.


More fliptop zzaito to come as we develop this page to feature all Filipino fliptop artists and battles with their respective exclusive YouTube videos.

zaito vs daddy joe d

Below is the first I have seen female fliptop artists in the likes of Lil Sia and Hearty as they battle it out with words of wisdom with Rapido and Mocks Wun. Smoked Out Battle League.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. In the meantime, you can also go check some interesting song lyrics we have featured.

zaito vs daddy joe d

The master of reverse? However recently, the judges are not allowed zaiti vote for overtime, they should pick a winner. There are many map hacks programs that I’ve encountered in our Batas – Yu-gi-oh playing Card. Abra vs Zaito Holiday Release.

Well, we cant blame these people following this rap battle because it is really awesome.

The Fliptop Battle League: April

He currently has 14 battles catalogued, which total 8, views. Team Watawat, Schizophrenia, Street Team. This is the latest accepted revisionreviewed on 24 September Sort by Most Recent Highest Viewed.


Daddie Joe D Philippines. The members were Vanjohn,Zikk,Saint Michael and the last Marabahay means “danger ahead” or “forward dangerously”.

FlipTop – Daddie Joe D vs Negatibo – Video Dailymotion

Nugget Announced for Broken Resolution 2. Daddie Joe D Philippines. Copyright Disclaimer All music, video, tracks, album art, files, logos, names, and companies are owned and copy-written by their original owner, artist, manager or label. There are not yet enough votes for this battle to display the results.